900 MHz WISP Canopy Cluster Mount

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US PATENT NO: US 7,576,705 B2


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*    Finally a mount that will give you an accurate 60 degree separation.

*    Specifically designed to handle the Moto 900 MHz integrated radio.

*    Fully galvanized to satisfy tower management.

*    Can be installed in halves or full 360 degree coverage.

*    Does your installation look like this? Hard to mount more than one radio while trying to         maintain the needed 60 degree separation.

*    Easy to install. Just insert the radio into the designed slots and tighten down the bolts. No additional hardware required. Your new installation will look like this.

*    All hardware to mount the 900 MHz assembly to a mast or tower leg is provided.

*    Can accommodate from 1-1/2" through 18" mast, pole, monopole, or tower leg.

*    If mounting in halves, an optional Back Mounting Plate and additional hardware is available.




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