We thought that it is about time that I introduced myself; share a little bit about where I came from; what my interests are; our plans for TENNADYNE; and briefly give you a  peek into the near future.

Well, first of all my name is Roger Greenfield and I have always lived in Western Michigan. As a Second Class Radioman, I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy in 1968. After my discharge, I joined the Naval Reserve program and served for over 11 years.  We have two sons. Tom the baby who is  a diesel tech instructor at a high school career tech center and his wife have five perfect (!!!!) children. Dan the oldest who is the Pastor at the Orwell Bible Church in Orwell, OH. Dan and his wife have six perfect (!!!) children. Yes, we are proud grandparents. I am a firm believer in God and enjoy His richest blessings and the promise of Eternal Life through His Son Jesus Christ.

Back in 1968, Nancy and I built a house on the family farm, which allows us to take advantage of the 80 acres for various antenna projects.

In some ways you could call me an average ham; in some ways not. I happen to enjoy participating in the MARS program. Have done so since 1973 shortly after becoming an Amateur Radio Operator.

So, let's talk about TENNADYNE:

During the month of February, 2004, I was in Junction, TX with Chuck, the founder of TENNADYNE. Some of you know Chuck. He is a firm believer in Customer Service, a Quality Product, and a fair price. I know this. It was drilled (not a pun!) in my head for a whole month. During this month, I knew that Chuck was carefully watching me and making sure that his successor would follow his guidelines and practices. I have no doubt that if Chuck felt uncomfortable, he would have pulled the plug on the acquisition. No doubt at all.

In March of 2004, TENNADYNE moved to Michigan.

Michigan recently allowed companies to become an LLC as an option to CORP, which provided several tax advantages. I know that some of you out there had questioned as to why the LLC instead of Corp. In fact, some of you felt that since it is a LLC, we would dry up the company, use the existing inventory, and sell out. Not a chance!

When Chuck founded TENNADYNE approximately 17 years ago, he was a young man of around 56 years of age. During these years he strived to provide we, his customers, with a fairly priced antenna whose performance far out shadowed it's cost all while maintaining high quality in his manufacturing practices. Recently Chuck has decided to "put some miles on his Airstream". Shucks, I thought that since he is 73 or so, he probably deserved it !!  Chuck and I still talk via e-mail several times a week.

Have we made some mistakes? Oh sure, and when it was discovered, we made sure to make it right with you. Typically at no charge.

We have listened to you regarding to the U-bolt issue. Remember I am/was a TENNADYNE customer! TENNADYNE is now the exclusive dealer of the famous SlippNott product line. We now incorporate the SlippNott clam shell in all of our HF antennas from the T8 on up.

Oh, by the way, our sister company is CUBEX QUADS. Feel free to visit the site.


73 for now,



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