Note: These New Antenna Models do not replace any of the Original Models.

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Coverage in MHz Boom Length Gain/dbd/dbi* Longest Element Elements Price
T7 18 - 32 18 FT 6.2/8.3 29 FT 7 $742*
T8.10-30HD 10 - 30 24 FT 5.0/7.1 53 FT 8 $1,550*
T10.10-30HD 10 - 30 30 FT 7.5/9.6 53 FT 10 $1,735*
T12.10-30HD 10 - 30 36 FT 8.0/10.1 53 FT 12 $1,975*
T14.10-30HD 10 - 30 42 FT 8.5/10.6 53 FT 14 $2,495*
T6.20 Log-Cell 20 Meters 27 FT 11.5/13.6 36.4 FT 6 $1,379*
CHOKE           $59*
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SlippNott Package

Complete SlippNott product, brackets and hardware

SlippNott Retro kit for TENNADYNE antennas

Includes new BMI, two SlippNott half clam shells and hardware. For picture, click here.


* Plus shipping and handling

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*The dbi gain figures are fictitious, but since other antenna manufacturers tend to use them to manipulate things in their favor by enhancing their specifications with phony data, we've added them so that you can get accurate comparisons. 
Note: Some publications are in circulation with advertising indicating free shipping. This policy was changed in 2008; we regret any inconvenience to our customers.

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DXtreme Software produces logging programs for amateur radio operators as well as long, medium and short-wave DXers:

K5RC - T12




POWER RATINGS:   Full legal limit+ for all antennas.


Typical Max SWR for all models = 1.8:1 or less
Computer Modeling of antennas is an interesting and useful tool, but one must understand that until field verified, such modeling and presented graphics, etc., is but an unverified opinion.  No more, no less!
 4.  WIND SURVIVAL:  All above antennas are designed to survive winds of 100 MPH.
5. MAST:  All above antennas are manufactured to work with a 2" OD mast.
6. TENNADYNE reserves the right to change prices and specifications at any time, without notice.
7. All Credit Cards, PayPal and Wire Transfers are accepted.
8. MICHIGAN residents add 6% sales tax.
9. RETURN POLICY: Returns will require a 20 percent restocking fee plus shipping.


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