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For the past several months Norm, KL7IVK was field testing our new Heavy Duty SlippNott product. Norm, in case you do not know, owns a MonstIR and was experiencing severe slippage of his antenna. 

Not anymore (!) 

Norm owns an M2 rotor and with our new Heavy Duty SlippNott product, there is no need to insert a bolt through the rotor which would void the warranty.

We are happy to report that as a result of Norm's hard work, we will begin shipping our new Heavy Duty SlippNott product November 9, 2006.

The product includes a Heavy Duty SlippNott solution at your antennas Boom-to-Mast Interface as well as for the M2 rotor. 

Give us a call for pricing. Orders are being accepted.

This page will be further developed as we receive pictures of installations.

3-Element or 4-Element Antenna

We are pleased to announce a HD solution for those of you that own a 3-Element antenna. Only two holes in the boom-to-mast plate are required to be drilled.

Thanks to the work and advice of Skip and Wayne, we are especially aware of the diamond orientated Boom-to-Mast plate on the 4-Element antenna and as a result have developed a special HD solution for that antenna as well. No drilling required.


M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.

SteppIR Antennas, Inc.


Give us a call to order your Heavy Duty SlippNott at 616.622.4968

Be sure to advise us as to which antenna you own.



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