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The Canopy Cluster Mount is designed to provide radio coverage with 60 degree separation and a ZERO to 30 degree tilt every 2.5 degrees.

The Canopy Cluster Mount can be mounted as shown below or may be mounted with half of the assembly on a tower leg. Accessories are available to half mount the assembly.

Both halves weigh a total of 15 pounds!

All hardware to mount the assembly is provided.


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Tilt is accomplished through precision laser cut holes every 2.5 degrees. Radio tilt is from zero to 30 degrees.  Positive lock and quick release ensures secure and accurate radio installation.     Can accomodate any mast, pipe, or tower leg diameter from 1-3/4" through 4-1/2".     Each half can be mounted by itself; oppositive sides of a tower, or on multiple tower legs.

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